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9th grade math: Algebraic

Lesson Title: Algebraic expressions 1 Grade Level: 9th grade math
Date: Monday, September 24 Lesson Duration: 50 minutes
Description of the
Learning –Teaching
This lesson is design for students of multicultural background, with wide range of cognitive abilities of a general education class. Some special education students can benefit from the curriculum if they have necessary support from the Special Education Department to accommodate their disability
Introduce topics:
 1. Radical exponents
 2. Order of operation
Students need to understand how to solve, evaluate and simplify expressions with radicals by using correct order of operations.
As students work in groups and do their presentations, they will learn to communicate their mathematical understanding.
Homework, and worksheets are designed to relate the introduced material to the real life phenomenon.
Rationale Target The material in this lesson is vital for the study of equations and real life mathematical applications. Students at this level must build confidence in the use of order of operation and must be comfortable with the radical expressions in order to proceed to the next unit of this course, and in to further studies of mathematic and science.
Materials o Textbooks
o Worksheets
o Smart/black/white board
Learning Experience 1. Warm-up activity: in a form of investigative question (5 min).
During warm-up activity, teacher checks the homework, attendance, and makes sure students have the working tools for the class: pencils, books, paper, and binders. Also, teacher answers miscellaneous questions regarding homework.
Students are engaged in an investigative question to get them thinking about the topic to be introduced.
2. Interactive Lecture: present the concepts (15 min).
3. Summery of the key points (5 min).
Students receive a summery of rules and definitions for exponents and radicals.
4. Group worksheets and presentations (20 min)
Students work in groups of 4-5, to solve the worksheet problems, and then each group presents the solution to one of the problems. The number of problems must equal the number of groups.
5. H/w assignments, Q/A (5 min)
Accommodations of
Special needs students must be part of this class. In case of mental and/or physical disabilities, which require one-on-one aid, students must be provided with para-educators by the Department of Special Education. Students with special mental challenges are graded on a different scale in this class.
Assessment Plan In this portion of the lesson, students earn points for participation only.
Family Involvement Homework assignment includes a topic related question for parents/guardians and/or any adults, to enrich student’s learning experience.
Reflection and Projection Need more time for hands-on-math experience.