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Algebra 2

Prerequisite Essential Concepts

• Slope & Intercept
• Solving Systems of Linear
• Factoring Quadratics
• Exponent Rules
• Graphing Linear and Quadratic
Program of Studies Key Concepts
• Linear Equations & Functions
o Standard Form
o Point-Slope Form
o Parallel Lines
o Perpendicular Lines
o Line of Best Fit

• Systems of Equations
o Graphical Solutions
o Linear Programming
o Matrix Operations
o Solving System with Matrices

• Special Functions
o Absolute Value Equations
o Absolute Value Functions
o Piecewise Functions
o Step Functions

• Exponents and Polynomial Factoring
o Operations
o Factoring Skills
o Sum or Difference of Cubes
o Factoring by Grouping

• Quadratic Functions
o Simplify Radical Expressions
o Simplify Complex Numbers
o Discriminant Properties
o Complex Roots
o Vertex Form
o Quadratic Regressions

• Polynomial Functions
o End Behavior, Domai
o Maxima and minima
o Interval Notation
o Synthetic Division
o Fundamental Theorem

• Radical Functions
o Rational Exponents
o Solve Radical Equatio
o Transformations, Dom
o Intercepts
o Composition of Funct
o Inverse Functions

• Conics
o Ellipses, Circles, Hyp
o Midpoint Formula
o Systems of Conics

• Rational Functions
o Direct, Inverse, Joint
o Graphing Rational Fu
o Simplify Rational Exp
o Operations with Ratio

• Exponential Functions
o Graph Growth and De
o Solve Exponential Eq
o Simple and Continuou
o Financial Literacy &

• Sequences and Series
o Find nth term with Explicit Formula
o Arithmetic & Geometric Series
o Summation Notation
o Sum of Infinite Series
Homework Expectations

• 60 minutes per 90 minute class
Basic Supplies

• TI-83 or TI-84 Calculator
• Pencils, Erasers, Paper
• Ruler, Graph Paper
Prerequisite Courses

• Math 8 or Algebra Part 1
• Algebra 1
• Geometry