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Candy Box Problem and Equivalent Fractions

Assignment #9:

Continuing our Work on the Candy Box Problem and Equivalent Fractions:
(Due Tuesday, November 11th for Phil’s session and due Wednesday, November 12th for Alison’s

1. Solving the Candy Box Problem

a. Choose one solution to the Candy Box Problem that you understand very well. Write a
clear and detailed explanation of this solution.

b. One of the goals of our course is to describe features of a good mathematical
explanation. Look back on the explanation you just gave in part (a). What are some of
the features of your explanation that make it “good”?

2. Read about equivalent fractions on pp.82-88 in the Beckmann text.

3. Complete the following five problems: pp. 93 #1, #7, pp. 75 #7, and pp. 94 #18, #19

4. If the large box below represents 1 unit, how many units does part A represent? How about
part B, part C and part D? Explain how you get your answer.