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Math 0001 Student Information

General Information:

Who is this class designed for?

This class is designed primarily for WSU students who need to complete a course in Basic Mathematics and
Introductory Algebra. Students from other institutions and non-traditional students in need of a course in
beginning algebra are also welcome.

If an incoming, first-year WSU student scores low on the ACT math or ACCUPLACER exams, they are
required to do one of two things before enrolling in 100-level mathematics or statistics courses. Either they must
(1) retake the ACCUPLACER exam and achieve an appropriate score or (2) complete a course in intermediate
algebra. To allow students the option of completing Intermediate Algebra at WSU during the summer and begin
Fall term in the mathematics or statistics course needed for their major program, we have designed an online
course. Students do not have to be in Winona for any of the course, except for the final exam. The final exam is
offered on-campus during Orientation Week prior to Fall Semester.

Do I have to take this course if I scored low on the ACT or ACCUPLACER?

No one is required to take this summer course. It is offered as one of several options available to students
needing to complete a course in Intermediate Algebra.

In the case of first-year WSU students who score too low on their ACT or ACCUPLACER Exams, these
students may

1. Retake the ACCUPLACER exam during Orientation Week prior to Fall Term (contact the WSU Office
of Advising and Retention (507-457-5600) to schedule a retake);
2. Complete Math 050 at WSU during any of Fall or Spring Terms, or Math 0001 during Summer Term; or
3. Complete a comparable course in Intermediate Algebra at a university or community college,
conveniently located near their summer residence, and transfer this course into WSU (check with the
WSU Office of Admissions regarding the transferability of the course under consideration).

What exactly does this course cover?

Topics: Real Numbers, Linear Equations and Inequalities, Graphs and Functions, Rational Expressions,
Rational Exponents and Radicals and more. Essentially, this is the content of a standard course in 8th or 9th
grade math and algebra course.

During the summer session from July 7 - August 8, you will use email (accessed via “MathZone”) to
communicate with your instructors and fellow students (just like you do in classrooms, only here you can ask a
question anytime). To finish the course, you'll need to sign up for a final exam time to be taken on the WSU
Winona campus during Orientation week, August 20-22. Your instructors will handle the sign up and provide
specifics on your choices of times and dates.

What is different about this course?

The text for the course is not entirely a text - it's a software package (called MathZone) available over the
internet that is linked/associated with a textbook . The important features of MathZone are that it is easy to use
(and relatively inexpensive, roughly $25 for online access along with textbook fees), it only requires access to
the internet and quick download of a "plug-in", and it can also diagnose exactly what you already know and
what you need to learn.

In a standard classroom setting, the course starts at the beginning and proceeds on with a pace which may or
may not suit your needs. You may have no trouble with a topic and could move more quickly than the pace of
the course. On the other hand, there may not be time to allow more time on those topics which give you a lot of

This on-line class seeks to give you an individualized amount of time and instruction where you most need it.
Additionally, rather than fixed office hours and class times, this course allows you to ask questions of your
fellow students and instructors via email. Office hours are thus around the clock during second summer session.

What is MathZone?

This is a McGraw-Hill software product, which is accessible off the internet. Think of it as your textbook and
classroom all-in-one. MathZone is the only customizable online homework system that uses diagnostic
assessment to uniquely pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each student. MathZone provides students with
a variety of powerful learning tools, including step-by-step exercises, assignable multimedia tools and live
online tutoring – all linked to the course textbook.

Students learn mathematics by doing mathematics, and MathZone provides students with unlimited practice and
immediate feedback, including guided solutions. With MathZone, students can watch videos to reinforce
textbook topics section by section and chapter by chapter. MathZone also offers conceptual videos that relate
fun activities like shooting hoops to learning math.

MathZone allows your instructors to hold virtual office hours using the Online Classroom feature.In the online
setting, instructors can communicate with students either publicly or privately via a chat forum or easy-to-use
Whiteboard. Students have the ability to meet with their peers and practice math exercises together in a virtual
environment using MathZone’s Student Study Center..

In addition to your WSU registration, you'll need to also register at the MathZone web site. This includes
entering the course code and your email address. Through registration with MathZone, you are connected with
the instructors and fellow students for the class.

Please make careful note of these 6 items:

1. Math 0001 is offered as a WSU workshop, and will cost $350 (excluding textbook and MathZone fees).
The deadline for payment for Math 0001 is July 27, 2008. Math 050 is on-campus credit course and
normal tuition and fees apply.

2. Math 050 is a 3 semester hour course and Math 0001 is a non-credit workshop. Both Math 050 and Math
0001 are remedial courses which means both offerings will not count towards graduation. In addition,
the workshop is not eligible for financial aid.

3. The Math 0001 session officially begins on July 7, 2008. If you want to drop Math 0001 with a full
refund, you must do so no later than July 8th in order to avoid being charged the workshop fees. There
are no refunds after July 8, 2008
. All drops on or before July 8th must be done at the same WSU web
registration site where you enrolled. After July 8th, all withdrawals much be done with instructor
consent. Be sure to print out a record of your actions of web registration and save this in case you ever
need a written record.

4. Math 0001 is not graded. This workshop is for administrative and pre-requisite purposes only and does
not count towards graduation nor towards satisfying the Math Basic Skills requirement at WSU.

5. Failure to submit an email address or failure to register with MathZone will not automatically drop you
from the course. Drops and withdrawals from the course must be done through the WSU web
registration site. Dropping the course is your responsibility, and must be resolved before the
aforementioned deadlines.

6. Using a WSU email account is not required, but is strongly suggested. If you already have an email
account and wish to use it, you may do so. However, be aware of the limitations of free email accounts,
such as "hotmail" or "yahoo", which may cause you to lose important email messages for the class. Your
WSU email account is set up at same time you pick up your laptop computer. (Contact WSU Technical
Support Services regarding your WSU email account if you have not yet been issued a laptop computer.
You will need to request the account in person and provide a valid WSU ID card.)

Mathematics 0001 Registration Information

Step 1: Registering for the Workshop:

If you have a Tech/Warrior-Id:

• Click on “Winona Registration”

• Change term to Summer 2008

• Enter your Tech/Warrior-Id and password

• Course title is Topics: Basic
Math/Intermediate Algebra Workshop

If you do not have a Tech/Warrior-Id:

• Contact the office of Mary
Kosidowski, by calling:
(507) 457-5080

• Inform them that you are attempting
to register for Mathematics 0001 for
summer of 2008, and do not have a
Tech/Warrior-Id to register with.

Step 2: Registering MathZone

• Register with MathZone according to the steps on the following Student QuickStart Guide

• Check to make sure that the course is Math 0001 – Summer 2008, Basic Math/Intermediate
Algebra Workshops with Prof. Czaplewski, at Winona State University.

Step 3: Further Information

• If you have any questions throughout this process you are more than welcome to contact the
instructors via email. They will do their best to assist you through the registration process.

• Shortly before the workshop start date of July 7th, the instructors will email all registered
students with a “welcome email” that contains further instructions for completing the

click on Register for
MathZone Now
At Step 2, select your book, use the drop down
menu to select
Bello: Introductory Algebra, 3e (Beta)
Click on the Register now by following
this link
under the First time user? Heading
on the left side of the next page
As a first time user, you will want to
Register Now! By clicking on “I am a
You will need to choose your method of
registration, so select “I have a registration
code with my book”
Lastly, enter in the registration code that is found
on the access card supplied with your text.
The Student Section Code is: 8F4-BE-9AC

Student QuickStart Guide-MathZone