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Algebra 2

Algebra 2, Part 1

Rational Expressions
Evaluating Rational Expressions
Restrictions on Rational Expressions
Equivalent Forms of Rational Expressions
Simplifying Rational Expressions
Sum of Rational Expressions
Difference of Rational Expressions
Product of Rational Expressions
Quotient of Rational Expressions
Common Denominators of Rational
Sum of Rational Expressions
Difference of Rational Expressions
Review: Rational Expressions

Graphs & Linear Equations
The Coordinate Plane
Graphing Ordered Pairs
Solutions of Linear Equations as Ordered Pairs
Graphing a Linear Equation in 2 Variables
Graphing a Linear Inequality in 2 Variables
Slope of a Line from 2 Points
The y-Intercept of a Line
Using the Slope & y-Intercept to Graph a Line
Finding the Slope & y-Intercept from an Equation
Writing Equations in Slope-Intercept Form
Identifying Graphs from Their Equations
Parallel Lines & Their Slopes
Perpendicular Lines & Their Slopes
Equations of Parallel or Perpendicular Lines
Review: Graphs

Linear Systems of Equations & Inequalities
Solving Linear Systems of Equations:
Classifying Linear Systems
Solving Linear Systems of Inequalities:
Solving Linear Systems of Equations:
Solving Linear Systems of Equations:
Solving Linear Systems of Equations:
Matrices 1
Solving Linear Systems of Equations:
Matrices 2
Solving Problems with Linear Systems
Review: Linear Systems

Chance Experiments & Probability
Determining the Probability of an Event
Multiplication Principle of Counting
Review: Probability

Introduction to Vectors
Vector Addition

Algebra 2, Part 2

Numbers & Their Properties
Rules for Exponents & Radicals
Rationalizing the Denominator in Rational
Applying Rules for Exponents & Radicals
Scientific Notation
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
Multiplying Algebraic Expressions
Factoring Algebraic Expressions
Factoring Sums & Differences of Perfect
Factoring or Using the Quadratic Formula
Rational Expressions: Simplify
Rational Expressions: Add & Subtract
Rational Expressions: Multiply & Divide

Special Equations & Inequalities
Evaluating Expressions with Absolute Value
Absolute Value, Inequalities, & Interval
Graphing Linear Inequalities in 1 Variable
Graphing with Restrictions on the Variable
Graphing Solution Sets of Associated

Coordinates & Curves
Calculating the Slope of a Line
Point-Slope & Slope-Intercept Forms of
Equation of a Line Given a Point & Parallel
Equation of a Line Given a Point &
Perpendicular Line
Perpendicular Bisector of a Line Segment
Distance between 2 Points
Distance between a Point & a Line
Distance & Circles
Parabola & its Intercepts
Parabola & its Vertex
Equations of Ellipses & Hyperbolas

Functions & Their Graphs
Defining a Function with its Rule
Finding Values of a Function Using its Rule
Equations & Graphs of Functions, Part 1
Equations & Graphs of Functions, Part 2
Translations & Transformations
Functional Values
Composite Functions
Domain Values of Composite Functions
Inverse of a Function
Determining if a Function Has an Inverse
Solving Problems with Linear Functions
Solving Problems with Quadratic Functions

Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
Properties of Exponential Functions
Properties of Logarithmic Functions
Recognizing Graphs of Types of Functions
Solving Problems: Exponential &
Exponential Growth
Exponential Decay