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Elementary Algebra

Course Objective: To give the student a pleasant, yet thorough, introduction to how algebra is
the “generalization of arithmetic.”

Course Description: This is the first half of a two-semester algebra sequence. Both
semesters use the SAME TEXTBOOK. Content of this half includes The Real Number System,
algebraic expressions, solving linear equations & inequalities, using them to set up & solve
practical problems, exponents, operations with polynomials, factoring, solving quadratic equations,
operations with algebraic fractions & graphing linear equations.

Students are evaluated by means of frequent tests on topics and concepts covered by
homework & class notes. The average of these will give the final grade. Averages in the 90's merit
A, in the 80's B, while those in the 70's yield C, and those in the 60's earn D. Below that, F.
Grades of I, Incomplete, are for sudden, unforeseeable circumstances after Apr.3rd.

Since the taxpayers subsidize this course, Attendance is mandated by the state. Failure to
attend class may result (instructor discretion) in a lowered grade or in the student being dropped.
Excessive absence is hereby defined as any number of in-class hours exceeding the number of
units of the course. This 5-unit class meets for 2.5 hours so 2 class periods total 5 hours, the max!
But missing at all in the logical progression of a math course is extremely risky. If you anticipate
missing class, please inform me and I will have suggestions, chief of which will be to contact fellow
student ‘Study Buddies’.

Course Schedule: We will cover the text just as written, Chapters 1-7, but at a pace that
varies according to the instructor's "reading" of the class’ comprehension.

Tutoring is available at “The Place” near the Cafeteria. We have a rep from there, Farhad,
who will be in each class to organize study groups. Computer and video tutorials are also
available. But perhaps the best way to learn math is by working with your fellow students. So I
strongly recommend that you get to know your fellow students and that you get the phone numbers
of at least 2 of them. If you can’t physically meet to study, most math problems can be done on
the phone, each student doing steps on separate paper.

Other Info:
• Students with verified disabilities may be entitled to appropriate academic accommodation.
See instructor and/or Disabled Student Services Office.
• A calculator is not required for this course, but will be if you need to take trig or higher. So if
you get one, we recommend TI-82 or higher numbers. NO calculator or other electronic
device may be used during THIS class. Turn off & store all such devices.
• No bathroom or cell phone break allowed until the mid-class break. Return within 15 min.
• Any class problems, go 1st to the instructor. If he can’t resolve it, go in order to dept. head,
dean, VP and finally to the President. Cheating will be handled by the instructor.
• Withdrawal deadline 4/3; students are responsible to drop classes they are no longer
attending. Beyond that date, instructor must give an evaluative letter grade.
• Final exam 2:20 pm, Wed.5/20. Bring SASE for quickest return of exam & grade.

Math Class Intro

Let us access our creative spirits and use them with wisdom to enlighten ourselves and
those whose lives we touch. Let us study and commit to memory the truths of our universe with
which we can contribute to the up-building of the earth. Let the creative inspiration of all former
generations of our ancestors, guide us to utilize the knowledge which our predecessors have left
us and humbly incorporate it into our own minds to live our lives in the frenzy of the 21st century
with the wisdom of Solomon and Socrates, with the knowledge of Pythagoras, Archimedes, and
Descartes which, together with the creative lessons of Gauss and Euler, have led to modern
mathematics such as that of Einstein which helps us understand the created world and which has
led to the search for The Theory of Everything, a grand unifying concept such as String Theory
(based on one of Euler’s formulas) which may help us to understand the multi-dimensionality of the
universe, the parallel planes on which the spirits of past humanity continue to exist and to guide us.
One day with the mathematicians of all history we may imbibe an understanding of a grand
unifying Theory of Everything and we will then see how the simplest of our mathematics and other
knowledge have led with increasing rigor and layers of Truth to an appreciation and utilization of all
goodness and beauty. Perhaps the logic of mathematics (so much more obvious than it is in much
of the rest of life) will help us (like it has so many of our ancestors) to see the logic in all of life and
enable us to build thereupon. May we use these insights wisely and well for our personal
advancement, that of all whose lives we touch, and ultimately for the progress of all of humanity.